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BEATLES CELEBRATION: Here at last is the ultimate visual and cultural history of the Beatles. Packed with dozens of never before seen film clips, ultra rare photographs and exclusive interviews, John, Paul, George and Ringo come alive in this intelligent, compelling, inside glimpse into the impenetrable inner-circle of the greatest group ever. Included in this all star, international production are not only the Beatles themselves, but other well known insiders like Lennon Intimates; Frederic Seaman and Yoko Ono. Also lending their exclusive insights are former Beatle Pete Best, The Maharishi and Eric Clapton. BEATLE'S DIARY * ALF BICKNELL'S PERSONAL DIARY: The Chronicles of Alf Bicknell, Beatles driver and road manager, are your ticket to ride on a personal video tour with the most influential rock band of our time. There is only one Beatles. And there is only one Alf, the most knowledgeable and reputable source of Beatlemania information there is. Take a walk across Abbey Road, following in the footsteps of the Fab Four. Side by side with Alf, go down the path of rock and roll history. Backstage. Shea Stadium. The Cow Palace... From chaotic early club dates in Liverpool to all the good times in between. The parties. Hollywood. The stars. Set amidst the original locations in London, Alf's stories become more than authentic, more than just memories, and nothing less than an intimate Beatles travelogue. See original black and white footage from 1964 - 1966, at the beginning and in the end. Featuring special live 1990's concert footage supplied by Paul McCartney. THE BEATLES LOVE ME DO * A DOCUMENTARY: This insightful and intriguing history of the band traces their existence from the very day John first met Paul at a church function, all the way up to their incredible rise to fame, and finally to their break-up many years later. Filled with previously unseen footage, and told through the eyes of Victor Spinetti, the actor who worked closely with the band in their first 3 films, as well as through the musicians and friends of the group, this story truly gives a vivid picture of the most successful band this world has ever seen. Love Me Do contains interactive menus and a special bonus feature - an interview with the band's first manager, Allan Williams!