Bedouin Cafe [Audio CD] Various Artists

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Bedouin is the term referring to the nomadic desert dwellers of the middle east. Beyond a name, it's an archaic and unique lifestyle to behold. The Bedouin lifestyle is steeped in tradition and those who are a part of it live by the simplest of means. However, the nomadic Bedouin is renowned for generosity in plenty. They are the very embodiment of the romantic idea of those who live without abundance, but whom offer it gladly. At the centre of ancient Bedouin tradition are the cultural expressions of art and poetry. This is fostered by the Bedouin dwelling which itself cultivates thoughts of uninhibited giving, warmth and free spirited expression. The Bedouin Café is inspired by this ancient cultures beauty. Bedouin Café's sound-scapes evoke images of exotic far aways places surrounded by gently rolling sands. If you long to immerse yourself in middle eastern essence this is your ultimate destination! Wine, dine and soak up the sublime in the warm, generous environs of the Bedouin Café.