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Black Beach Spring Bling 2002 [DVD]

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BLACK BEACH SPRING BLING takes you to the beach, sand, waves and buck wild action that goes downe very spring when over 250,000 Ghettofabulous Ballers & Ballettes take over the Daytona Beach, Florida to floss, shine, groove and "cold get their freak on!" Experience and see "the other side" of Spring Break. PEEP DISS VIDEO takes you where no other documentary, comedy or action flick has ever gone before. Get ready for 90 minutes of unihibited, booty shakin', feelin' freakin and party people having a great time. Featuring the gut wrenching comedic commentary of David Raibon, insightful interviews by Mark St. Juste and the action packed escapades of LaRoy "Lucas" McNallie. Get ready for BLACK BEACH SPRING BLING!