WBR 2363

Block Work [Audio CD] Writer, Jr

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JR Writer has proven his skills over and over, most recently with the crew here at Traffic Entertainment on "My Past Is Your Future." This time out JR makes it ALL about the future and brings it hard, on an all new recording, "Block Work." Those of you familiar with 'the trade' will recognize the clever twist of phrase in titles like "The Weight Is Under," "The Cook Up" and "Git Ya Guns." Yes, this is a record from the streets, for the street. JR spins a 'hood tale that avoids cliché but "Block Work" also gives you a glimpse of how Writer can flow when he makes with a freestyle, especially on "Drama King Blackout" where JR goes and goes until he's almost unconscious and damn near used up every word in the dictionary. A unique larger-than-life swagger and mesmerizing wordplay have brought both critics and fans to JR's side. But it's all just another day of work on the block for Writer. Some make their mark slingin' rock, some slingin verbals like there's no tomorrow. This is the latter. This is "Block Work."