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Bossa Mundo-When Brazil Meets [Audio CD] Bossa Mundo-When Brazil Mee

In September 1999, Yellow Productions (France) released the amazing Brazilian concept album entitled "Bossa Tr+-+s...Jazz" (When Japan meets Europe). It featured an exclusive collaboration of some of the finest Japanese and European talents of the fusion scene. The album earned recognition and respect all over Europe, Japan and in the United States, where it was available only on import. Now, Wave Music has licensed this brilliant project for the US and titled it "Bossa Mundo" (When Brazil meets the World). "Bossa Mundo" features several gems of "Bossa Tr+-¬s... Jazz" in their original form, while offering new mixes of the majority of the track listing . The remixers include Fran+-Ýois K. & Eric Kupper, Masters At Work, At Jazz, MKL -vs- Soy Sos, and Anthony Nicholson. "Bossa Mundo" will also feature a previously unreleased production from Jazzanova. The producers of "Bossa Mundo" share not only a passion for new music styles, but also a similar background brimming with Latin and Jazz beats.