Duck Dynasty - Quack or Treat [DVD]

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The Robertsons scare up more fun in this Duck Dynasty': Quack Or Treat collection. In 'Quack O'Lanterns,' everyone dresses up for a Halloween event that transforms the warehouse into a 'scarehouse.' While none of the kids are afraid of Willie when he tries to be the scariest, Phil's attempts to make a jack-o'-lantern with a shotgun just might do the trick. When the guys flake off work to brush up the duck blinds on their land in 'Hallu-Si-Nations,' Si spots what he thinks is the infamous 'Black Panther,' which leads the naysaying men on a mission to prove that what Si saw was an figment of his imagination. And, when Willie is spooked by a mid-life crisis in 'Battle of the Brothers,' Jase and the boys try to help him cope. A competition is struck among the Robertson brothers to see who is the most fit in body, mind, and endurance. Duck Dynasty': Quack Or Treat features 3 classic episodes plus DVD exclusive 'Ducks on a Pond'. Approx. 66 minutes.