EPL JA1001

Joe Avanti: Back Home & Li [DVD]

Expertly shot using high definition cameras, and overseen by produicer M.C Salvo, this DVD gives you a feel of what it is like to be Joe Avati and perform in front of over 1000 fans as the camera follows his every move - getting ready in the dressing room, preparing for and performing his show - the camera staying with him until he steps off stage. The DVD has been produced, using multiple cameras and interesting angles, to give the viewer a 'fly on the wall' prespective of what it is like to be an entertainer - the backstage antics, the nerves, the last minute requests and what happens just minutes and seconds before Joe steps onto the stage from behind the curtain. Joe Avati Back Home and Live was recorded on June 10, 2004, during the second year of the mammoth Joe Avati Live World Tour which had already seen him perform in Canada, Englad and America. One of ten sell out nights at the prestigious Crown Showroom, and entertaining a hometown crowd, this show was merely one of many during what was arguably his comeback Australian tour after having been absent from home for over three years. The show is over 80 minutes of pure Joe Avati, uninterrupted and at his finest, weaving his inimitable magic and recounting the stories that have become anthms, cementing him as part of the lexicon of the worldwide Italian community. The production of this DVD also commemorates Joe Avati's tenth year anniversary in showbiz.