Judgement Day [Audio CD] J-Hood

J-Hood is back and this time, it s "Judgement Day." First making noise as a member of Yonkers' most famous and most respected Hip Hop crew, D-Block, J-Hood cemented his street credibility when he earned himself a spot on 50 Cent's Guerilla Unit. Known for his gutter flow and for spitting venom over minimalist beats, J-Hood always tells his own stories and makes sure that the production is where it belongs, in the background. Similar to the story of his now-mentor 50 Cent, J-Hood followed in the foot steps of Curtis Jackson by establishing himself as a true emcee's emcee by showing love to DJ heavyweights Clue?, Big Mike, Whoo Kid, Kay Slay, Envy, and more with mixtape exclusives and with murderous freestyles over industry tracks. Never one for clogging his albums with guest appearances and for letting other rappers steal his shine, "Judgement Day" continues this tradition as a true J-Hood solo album by rocking the microphone alone. His move to G-Unit has further increased his reputation and has put him back in the spotlight. It is the fans who demanded more and "Judgement Day" doesn't disappoint as a follow up to 2007's "The Hood is Back." Nineteen tracks in all, "Judgement Day" provides pure hood griminess from start to finish and those familiar with J-Hood s infamous guest verses on such tracks with Mobb Deep, Fabolous, J.R. Writer, and Kanye West, will not be unhappy. When "Judgement Day" comes, will you be ready?