Lethal [DVD]

Anatoly Federov (Lorenzo Lamas - Snake Eater, Renegade), former KGB agent turned Russian Mafia weapons smuggler, has made a deal to steal U.S. military secrets, and to sell those secrets to foreign, hostile governments. The FBI are monitoring Federov's movements, and Agent Ethan Marshall (Frank Zagarino - Shadowchaser) has been charged with stopping Federov no matter what it takes. Meanwhile, Samantha "Sam" Stewart (Heather Marie Marsden - Shark Hunter), a beautiful but deadly bounty hunter, gets her hands on the package containing the military secrets which Federov needs. When Federov kidnaps Sam's sister and unleashes his pack of ruthless thugs to retrieve the secret documents, Agent Marshall must team up with Sam in order to save Sam's sister, and destroy Federov's crime regime forever.