Marcus Figurine - Watch_Dogs 2


Figurine description

Ubi Workshop, in collaboration with Ubicollectibles, presents the latest DedSec member, called Marcus. He's a talented hacker who wants to break an unfair system wide open and expose it.

Marcus’ pose shows the ultimate hacking kit.

Character Description

Marcus is an exceptional hacker who grew up in Oakland, experiencing the injustices of a corrupt system firsthand. His passion drives him to gain a place amongst the greatest hackers in history, regardless of the risk. He’s never been allowed to realize his full potential, but through DedSec, he’s finally got his chance. Marcus doesn’t fit into any of society’s neat little boxes and his defiance makes him a tremendous asset to the group and a formidable opponent for the “powers that be.”


  • All the Watch Dogs 2 symbols in one figurine (smartphone, DedSec logo, The Fox: Watch Dogs logo, bandana, cap…)
  • Typical urban style (badges, trainers, bag pack…)
  • Watch Dogs 2 diorama: The Marcus figurine can be assembled to the Wrench figurine
  • Height: 24 cm