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No One Knows About Persian Cats [DVD]

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Renowned Iranian director Bahman Ghobadi (A Time For Drunken Horses, Marooned in Iraq) returns with "an exhilarating examination of a leading Iranian criminal enterprises - music" (The Wall Street Journal). Co-written by imprisoned Iranian-American journalist Roxana Saberi, the film is an indictment of artistic repression in Iran's exciting underground music scene and a funny and moving celebration of an entire generation of Iranians striving towards personal and creative freedom. Shot in secret and featuring extraordinary performances by real underground bands, NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT PERSIAN CATS follows a pair of musicians, recently released from prison, on a mission to take their rock band to Europe. Forbidden by the authorities to play in Iran, they plan their escape abroad with a fast-talking music promoter. Vowing to play one last show before leaving Tehran, their dangerous mission takes them on a free-wheeling journey through the city's vibrant and diverse underground scene, home to an estimated 2,000 illegal independent band.