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Nobody Is Perfect [Audio CD] Clarke, Jamie

JAMIE CLARKE`s PERFECT have taken the idea of speed folk a stage further. While their music unmistakably hails fromfrom the Pogues stable, their songs are more than mere hymns to whiskey fuelled life in the fast lane. PERFECT`s touches of real pop appeal definitely don`t stint on that foot tapping, blood firing style that was the POGUES at their best. But enough of the POGUES right now, PERFECT is the only thing on Jamie Clarke`s mind. He needs few words to describe the POGUES` split: ?After the last tour, the steam went out of the whole thing.? Now the stress is over, Jamie doesn`t rule out the possibility of a reunion tour, but emphasises that his clear priorities lie with JAMIE CLARKE`s PERFECT. When the likeable Englishman founded the trio right back in 1996, the characteristic PERFECT sound developed almost at once. A gleefully swashbuckling gumbo of rock, Irish folk and polkas, given a spicy sparkle with a spoonful of Balkan influence. JAMIE CLARKE`s PERFECT is the ideal backdrop for ist members to strut their impressively divers musical stuff. Hear Eastern Europe calling, in Predrag Zaric`s south easteurope origins and classical accordition training. Andreas ?Andy? Schabinger, the band`s new drummer fresh from an engagement with the musical ?Hair? and a jazz head by preference, expertly weaves the strands of musical roots into a dynamic tapestry, capturing the audience`s attention by playing a stand drum. JAMIE CLARKE`s PERFECT dishes up eminently danceable music that will fill the floor and even persuade non dancers to shake a leg. POGUES fans too can look forward to a treat an evening with JAMIE CLARKE`s PERFECT includes a riotous medley of Pogues hits. What starts off as an concert ends up as a wild melee of dancers.