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Before celebrities entertained thousands at Coachella, local DJs inspired a movement in dark, underground basements with Northern Soul. JOHN CLARK's boring suburban life in 1975 England gets turned upside down when he's introduced to the enthralling music and furious choreography of American soul music by a local DJ, MATT. Sharing a passion in the music's energy, John and Matt leap into the DJ scene, planning underground concerts and searching for cover-ups, rare Soul discoveries kept hidden with false labels to keep them exclusive. With the help of Matt's feverous spirit, John begins to shake up his public perception, including standing up to his most most critical advisor, Mr. Banks (STEVE COOGAN). But with all its insanity comes the club scene's underbelly, making it difficult for both boys to differentiate being swept up by the beat and hyped up on drugs. With a dream of America implanted in his mind, can John and Matt ignore the distractions and focus on the soul?