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Proportion, purpose, space... the fundamental principles of architecture exist on both physical and metaphysical planes. And they are the fundamental principles of the arts as well - and of music in particular.This compilation offers a diverse glimpse into this connection between music and great works of architecture, as well as some unusual, and usually beautiful sites that are not nearly so well-known and the ultimate architecture - that of the earth itself.The peculiar magic of the world's great architecture is to both distill and expand the experience of music. A reverberant space gives the musician the chance to really listen. Paradoxically, this deeply personal experience can be communicated to a wider audience. Maybe it's that very intensity that enables this music to speak so clearly - to all of us who might never have the pleasure of playing one of our own creations into the echoing dome of the Taj Mahal, or the vaulted ceilings of a European cathedral, or the implacable stillness of a New Mexico night.Just listen: the spaces are in the music as much as the actual notes.