Speck of Gold [Audio CD] Afterlife

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Steve Miller is the writer, producer, and remixer behind the blissful grooves of Afterlife. Having been represented on virtually every Café Del Mar volumes, Afterlife are the mainstay artists of the successful series. Four years has passed since Afterlife's debut album, Steve Miller has finally agreed the release for the second Afterlife album on Bar de Lune. Speck of Gold is summed up by its title track - emotional, soulful, sensual, and breathtaking. Original vocalist Rachel Lloyd is featured here alongside many guest voices - former Ibiza resident Cathy Battistessa, plus Melanie Williams, Angela Neve, Calladine, Rood Chakra and Chris Coco. The album also includes a second CD, crammed with remixes and extras from Roger Sanchez, Christophe Goze, and more (including a Danni Minogue collaboration). This is downtempo at its best - enjoy!