Underwater Universe: Season One [DVD]

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Five deadly forces, four turbulent episodes, one powerful surge of entertainment.Welcome to the ocean's dark side. Building on HISTORY's successful Underwater Universe special, this new limited series goes deep to explore undersea forces that have brought terror and destruction to our planet throughout history. Beneath the surface of our oceans, tides and currents, predators, lethal pressure and killer shockwaves create ongoing and ominous threats. CGI animation, heart-stopping cinematography and submersible expedition footage shed new light on hard science, dramatic historical stories and riveting first-person accounts.BONUS FEATURES: Feature-length HISTORY Special Underwater UniverseDISC 1: Killer Shockwaves / Predators of the Deep / Tides and Currents Of Death / Fatal PressureDISC 2: Bonus HISTORY Special Underwater Universe